DR Bike (cheap bike fixing) Sun 27th March

[apologies this was previously posted as Sat 27th March, the correct date is Sunday 27th March]

Spread the word, Cycletastic is on hand this Saturday at the Salusbury Primary School (Queens Park) Farmers Market to help you get your bike ready for the year. That’s right spring is here and it’s time to dig your bike out of the shed, drag it out of the hall and dust off those cobwebs. The Sun is shining and it’s time to get cycling!

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Our Dr Bikes offer you a chance to get your bike fixed for less than shop prices. We ask a minimum donation of £5 for our services. We also ask that your donation covers the cost of parts used. We operate on a not-for-profit basis.

Cycletastic is a sustainable social enterprise created to use cycling as a method to empower children and adults from low income, disadvantaged and minority user groups.

If you can’t get to the Dr Bike, why not check our website and see when our bike shed will next be open.

Cycletastic gladly accepts donated cycles, which we will safety check and repair and offer for sale to children and adults from low income and disadvantaged backgrounds.

Please visit our website for more infomation.

2 thoughts on “DR Bike (cheap bike fixing) Sun 27th March”

  1. Hi,

    I woundered if you could advise me- my son recently had his back and front wheel stolen along with his saddle. I have been quoted something like £250 by various bike shops in my area to get it back to its original condition.Is there any way that I can get advice about where I might find cheap wheels and other bits? His bike is A Trek 7.0.

    Thanks and hope you can help.

    Andrew Tiley

  2. Hi Andrew

    If you try and get to the bike shed we may have suitable second hand spare parts and we will only ask for a donation to the project for you to have them. Use the calendar and contact page for more information about when the shed will be open. The next date (unconfirmed) is 2nd April we should be able to confirm this date in the coming week.

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