New 2018 Opening Times

The Cycletastic Shed on Streatley Road is now  open from 1.30 -4.30 each  Saturday in 2018. Please check the Cycletastic Facebook Page for short notice updates. We will continue to open until the winter weather sets in  again.

The shed is there to help visitors learn how to keep their bikes running smoothly . Simple things such as how to maintain the correct tyre pressure for your bike, how to check and adjust your brakes, how to make the chain run smoothly without over oiling it….everything to help you enjoy the rides you make on your bike. The Cycletastic tool resource is there for your use to help you learn new bike fixing skills. Volunteers will help you.

For those that can afford to pay there is a £5 minimum donation for using tools if you want to DIY fix your own bike at the Cycletastic shed. If you donate more we can then help people on  low income or on benefits with free parts such as brake blocks and cables.

If you ask a Cycletastic mechanic to do work on your behalf we will ask for payment for this work but we aim to keep prices lower than bike shop rates.

Bike repairs can also be booked in for work which is completed outside shed opening times.

Second hand and new parts are available  and there are children and second hand bikes for sale £20-150.

New Volunteers are always welcome to join us (the existing volunteers). Volunteers can use tools for free and have access to low cost parts for their own bikes. Its sociable and you get to build your bike fixing skills and knowledge.

Cycletastic also helps visitors find information  about free cycle training in Brent and other boroughs to improve your bike riding confidence on the road. Route planning information is also available with any of the friendly helpful volunteer mechanics.

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