2020 Opens start on 4th April

We are pleased to announce that The Cycletastic Bike Shed will be opening on the 4th April 2020!…(weather permitting!)
This year we will have a 2 Tier System

NEW for 2020!!
10- 10.30am Saturdays PAID SERVICING
Paid Servicing with qualified mechanic/s…. Yes! you will be able to leave your bike and pick up later the same day! You pay according to work carried out. (There will be limited slots for paid jobs so please drop us a line to let us know you are coming.) BOOKING : Email info@cycletastic.org.uk and await confirmation before you show up.
1.30 – 4pm Saturday Drop in Facility. D.I.Y or Stay & Learn to Fix Basics Stay & Learn to Fix Basics This is our usual suggested minimum £5 donations for basic bike repairs plus parts. This is for basic jobs only if you require a volunteer mechanic to help you out /do the work with you/for you on the spot. This is for jobs such as punctures, minor adjustments, brakes and gears. This service is supplied by skilled volunteers. The money you donate for these jobs is returned back into the project. The service is subject to volunteer availability and we ask you stay with your bike and watch and learn pick up tools and have a go yourself with guidance and support. D.I.Y You can also come to the shed to use the tools to D.I.Y larger jobs on your bike. We also ask for a minimum £5 donation to do this.

To those that have not been to Cycletastic before for the afternoon shed drop in facility it goes like this….

The Cycletastic Bike Shed is not a shop. Cycletastic is a place to learn how to keep your bike rolling smoothly and to help others who do not know how learn how to! Cycletastic is open to all ages and people.

If you D.I.Y larger jobs you can expect help in the afternoon but we will not do the job for you. We put our heads together collectively to problem solve with you and help you solve your bike repair issues. We can also offer you bike advice and we have second hand and new parts at low cost.

Cycletastic serves as a Community Bike Tools Resource to help you get repair jobs sorted on your bike. (tools cannot be taken away and are used on site only) Any money you donate goes back into the project to replace or upgrade the tool resource and to replace consumables like grease, oil, handcleaner etc.

There is a suggested minimum donation of £5 to use the shed if you can afford it. Parts are also charged. You are welcome to give more if you can afford to do so.
We also sell second hand bikes and if you want to come and help us get these ready for sale just show up and join in on Saturday afternoons. We welcome bike donations when we have space to take them. All bike sale money goes back into equipping the project and keeping it rolling. The bikes we repair also help people who come to our bike shed on Saturday afternoon sessions to learn about bike mechanics…we have also been known to give bikes to people on low incomes who need transport.

The afternoon drop in works on a first come first served basis and the level of help available is subject to how many volunteers come to the shed.

WE ARE ALWAYS IN NEED OF VOLUNTEERS …even if you can only come for one or two sessions.
If you have ANY bike fixing skills and want a sociable afternoon please come and join us …we like seeing new faces and appreciate your help. You get to have that warm glow feeling of helping others.

We are on the Willesden Lane end of Streatley Road NW6 (look for Bliss the chemist on Willesden Lane) …then look for the gate first right on Streatley Road if entering from Willesden Lane.

Please be patient if you visit us in the afternoon to get your bike fixed at low cost …we are volunteers!

Please note there are no bathroom facilities at the shed and we only have a cold water tap (and mechanics soap) to wash hands.

We will do our best to post when we are open each week on our face book page which you can follow for weekly updates and now that Anil Parmar has sorted our website (Thanks Anil !) we may also be posting updates here too.

We are usually closed in the afternoons if the weather is very cold ( 9 degrees or lower) or its blowing a gale….its all outdoors.

We also like what these people are doing in Brent: https://cleanairforbrent.wordpress.com/Improving Air Quality for All and hope that in some small way our project can help you ride your bike more and drive your car less. A few of our volunteers are trained bike ability trainers who are passionate about bike riding . We can therefore also help you access off road and on road bike ability training to help you and your family learn to ride safetly on the road or help you plan a cycle route to work or school.