20121208_The Albert-Sale

Cycletastic next event poster

Cycletastic is on hand with lots of cycling advice and bargain bike spares and accessories at this seasonal market.

4 thoughts on “20121208_The Albert-Sale”

  1. Carol Reeman

    Hi all, I was wondering if there was a little discount for young people regarding bicycles. My young friend James (he has come to a workshop before last Jan?) had his bike vandalised and now it’s totally unrideable. He needs a bike to continue to do his volunteer work at the Heart Foundation. Any chance of finding one for £50-75 range? Maybe a little more if the bike is really nice. When would be a good time to come see the bikes, if there are any?

    Please let me know if any.

    Many thanks,


    1. Hi Carol – thanks for the query. We always aim to accommodate individual needs in pricing that is the ethos of the project. The only thing we won’t do is make a loss so the final value of the bike will reflect any new parts we have had to fit to make it safe and roadworthy. We hope to have the bikes that are currently available at the Albert Sale. Otherwise our stocks are quite limited because of a shortage of volunteers to fix them up.

  2. Julie Arrowsmith


    Do you have any women’s saddles to sell? Mine is ripped and am looking to replace. If so, I will come along on Saturday. Thank you. Look forward to hearing from you


    1. Hi Julie – I can’t confirm that we have got a Women’s specific saddle, however we can certainly have a rummage in the bike shed to see what we can find before we come along to ‘The Albert’.

      We don’t have any new but there are some reasonable ones in this box and we can probably cannibalise a wider one from another bike.

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