Our Next Training Event

October Bike Maintenance Training with Cycletatic
October Bike Maintenance Training with Cycletatic

And don’t forget out Shed Opening dates Saturday 6th October and Sunday 11th October. Drop in tool resource, bike recycling, bikes, parts and accessories for sale.

2 thoughts on “Our Next Training Event”

  1. Hi I’m a local resident that has only just found out about cycletastic in the local magazine. and think its a brilliant concept! I have a bike that I was given ages ago that I would love to learn to ride, repair, get fit and healthy and travel around cheaply with. Do you know when you are likely to hold your next training day and also how can I support your work?

  2. Hi Sola. It’s great that you have found us. To keep up to date register your email on the site then you will get our updates. Otherwise check the site reguo see what we are doing. The calendar page usually has most updates. We are in our off season at the moment but things will pick up again around March. If you would.like to discuss any particular needs call Josie using details from the contacts page.

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