Winter Events with Cycletastic

After a few quiet weeks we now have a programme of events for the Winter Months.
Saturday        10th December 2011       Pop To the Shops Fun Bike Ride
Sunday           18th December 2011       Build your Bike & Bike Repairs
Saturday        17th February 2012         Bike Maintenance Training Day
Sunday           18th February 2012         Dr Bike @ the Farmers Market 

Join us in December for a shopping trip to Oxford Street. Our Marshals will guide you there and our volunteers will haul your shopping back in our Bike trailers. You can view the provisional route plan here (

On 18th December we will be indoors at the Farmers Market on Salusbury Road. We want to help you get that bike you have purchased as a gift into a perfect roadworthy condition safe and ready for Christmas day. Some bike shops are too busy at Christmas to assemble all the bikes they sell so might provide the bike in a box or charge for the build service. Other shops may not even offer the bike built especially if you buy from a supermarket or other non specialist retailer. Cycletastic is on hand to get the bike assembled and fully checked over. Come and see us at the Farmers Market and we can talk you through the process. We will also be offering basic safety checks at this for cyclists that already have a bike. Discount accessories and stocking fillers will also be available.

For full details please click to view the flyer.