Trial bike selling by gumtree

To maintain cycletastic as a sustainable project we now supplement our fundraising support by recycling bikes and offering them to new homes in return for a reasonable donation to the upkeep of our project. We are now finding it a little difficult to find an outlet for the bikes that we have prepared so I’m doing a little gumtree trial.

Bikes ready for sale
Cycletastic shed and yard

You can see the currently available bikes on the links below.

All our bikes have been donated to the project or they are unclaimed cycles sourced from local police. Our volunteers spend many hours checking them over and ensuring they are up to a roadworthy standard ready for a new owner. We would like these bikes to go to children, unemployed/low income people or those of other disadvantaged backgrounds however they are available to anyone who can make a reasonable donation in return for the bike. We also use the fixing sessions to allow people that would like to pick up some bike maintenance tips, hands on experience under the guidance of trained bicycle mechanics.

Volunteers bike fixing session

Anyone that can put in time assisting at the Cycletastic shed or at our events can ‘earn’ discounts on the bikes we have to offer. For example if you fix a bike from scratch with little assistance you might only pay for any new parts fitted.

As part of our recycling project we also accumulate used bike spares which are available for donations to the project. There is also limited availability of new parts and accessories as well which cost much less than from a shop.

If you are interested in getting a bike from us or visiting and volunteering some time please check our calendar page to check when we are next open. You can also contact us through the ‘contacts’ page