Cycletastic is always in need of volunteers of all abilities. Volunteering is a great way to learn basic bike maintenance. In return for your time we offer a friendly environment where you can learn at your own pace. Returning volunteers will earn access to discounts on new and recycled parts and on recycled bikes

If you are interesting in volunteering then please do get in touch  info@cycletastic.org.uk

Here is a list of tasks we would love your help with.

Skilled Cycle Mechanics;  Our Cycletastic Community Shed openings on Saturday afternoons can be busy when engaging with locals from near and far to ensure their cycles are fit and roadworthy.

Unskilled Cycle Mechanics; Are you interested in cycle maintenance, ? Volunteer at the shed  on Saturday afternoons and you get to work directly on bikes, our skilled volunteers will support you in learning the basics through to more complex tasks. We dismantle bikes for spares and fix bikes to a roadworthy standard at our shed to get them ready for sale.

WordPress and Facebook page development; Do you have skills to help support the spread of our message via Social Media?