South Kilburn Festival 2013 20120722_Farmers Market Dr Bike (Public) 20120609_London Nocturne
20120609_Camden Greenfair Profile Photos Tools, Parts and Accessories
NewParts 20120428_The Big Ride 20120423_Addison Lee Die In
Chris Ladies Bike Project Chris Townbike Project 20111210_Oxford Street Shopping
2011_Events 20110729_co-op cycle with confidence 20111116_Wet Shed Day
20110710_Kilburn Festival 2011 20110618_Mike Evans Visit 20110619_Dr Bike Farmers Market
20110605_Big Lunch 20110327_Dr Bike 3_BikesForSale
20110129_Volunteers Fixing Morning 2_BikesCannibalised 20101023_Bike Maintenance (Basic)
PartsAndAccessories Retro Examples 20101009_Cycle Show 2010
20100905_Skyride 2010 Cycletastic Flyers 2006-2010 20100730_Critical Mass
20100718_The Big Lunch 2010 20100718_The Big Lunch 2010 4_BikesSold
1_BikesToBeReconditioned Cycletastic Store Out and About Biking
20100711_Dr Bike Kilburn Festival 20100703_Try a Bike 20100529_bike shed sculpture
20100528_Critical Mass Cycletastic Shed 20100427_QPCS School
20100418_Bike Shed Day 20091018_Farmers Market 20091011_Cycle Show
20090920_Skyride 20090828_Critical Mass 20090913_Queens Park Day
20090725_Queens Crescent ItemsForHire 20090719_Big Lunch
20090626_Critical Mass 20081011#Cycle 08 Earls Court 20080921#SKY London Freewheel
20080824#Charteris Dr Bike and Battersea Park

On this page you can browse some of our  past events and activities as well as  stock  items we have available for sale.